Industrial Thneeds

This is the joint account between Reaver and The Once-ler so that they can answer their questions together.

Feel free to ask questions to either the Industrial Lord or Creator of Thneeds.

Anonymous sent: Such a cute couple. :3

OH MY GOSH, YOU GUYS! For the last time, we’re not a couple-! Reaver, tell them that we’re not a couple! …Reaver?


sweekun sent: /Screams because this is beautiful/

I know, right? It’s only natural since Reaver and I are both so awesome, though, sooooo

A picture of Mister Once-ler and myself. 

A picture of Mister Once-ler and myself. 

Just a few of Once-ler’s posters from the factory that the maid designed.

We’ll have more eventually.